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For those who enjoy chatting online and sharing information/ideas with others, the Lone Star Holiday Forums are for you! Our online forums have dedicated areas for everything: Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, and every holiday in between (even Arbor Day!). In addition, the members of Lone Star Holidays discuss everything from Home Repair to Politics.  It’s the sense of community we create which allows for respectful, open communication. We also incorporate elements to provide the best online experience for members and visitors. 

Flash Chat, a virtual meeting place, is integrated into our forums and allows members to have real-time conversations with their friends from across the state (and beyond).  In addition, we maintain our online image and video galleries (use the link buttons on the left to navigate to these areas), which allow us to share the LSH experience, and the displays of our members, with everyone.

Whether you enjoy setting up the biggest neighborhood Easter egg hunt, coordinating a spectacular fireworks display to celebrate the Fourth of July, creating the scariest Halloween haunted house, or making the biggest and brightest Christmas display, the Lone Star Holidays forums are a great resource to learn and share with others within the hobby.


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