Lone Star Holidays
We Celebrate the Holidays 365 days a year

First and most important: EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Everyone is welcome at Lone Star Holiday events, whether you are a member or not, regardless of where you reside.  Meet some new people, enjoy learning, and share your experiences with others.  All we ask is that you come to have fun and register ahead of time (if the event is set up that way).

What To Expect…

Whether it is formal classroom teachings, hands on projects, open discussions, or a purely social gathering (BBQs, dinner meetings, Light crawls, behind-the-scenes tours) expect a great time at the LSH events!



Our Annual Gathering: THE ACADEMY

The Lone Star Holidays Academy is our annual event and is considered by many people to be the best holiday event of the year.  Typically held during the summer of each year, the Academy is held over two days and consists of socialization, multi-room education, and vendor interaction.


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