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When Lone Star Holidays opened in November of 2008, no one imagined that we would come so far, so fast.  In the years that our organization had been in existence we held workgroups in many different Texas cities.  Members shared their knowledge and experience on a myriad of topics and attendees came from all over to see old friends, make new ones, and learn from each other.  Whether it is the Academy, a workgroup, or a smaller local event, we want our events to be top-notch and fun for each and every attendee.  What type of events does Lone Star Holidays have?  That is a tough question because we do so much in one year:

Workgroups:  These have a specific topic and are more instructor-driven.  Lots of information from some of our members is shared and learning is the word of the day.  These are held in different cities and people will often travel to other cities to learn about a certain topic.  These events typically require registration and have a nominal fee attached ($5 to $10 normally).

Workparties: These are usually in a local area and are simply a gathering of members working on a myriad of topics.  No rules, long hours, and good people.  These do not require registration but it’s always good for us to know how many to plan for so make a note on the announcement posting in the forums if you’re planning to join us.

Make N Takes: These are local as well, but the main difference between a Make N Take and a Workparty is that a Make N Take typically has a pre-determined project or topic.  You can learn a lot when everyone is working on the same thing.  These will require registration most of the time.  Typically this is due to space considerations and in some cases materials costs.

Social Events:  These happen across the state and include things like Supper Clubs (This term originally came from our Alamo City Holidays members), Meat N Greets (coined by our Capital City Holidays team), and Fajita Fests (a new fajita bbq and pool event in the Space City Holidays region).  Social events are a great way to get to know other members and talk about the holidays a bit.

Regardless of the event, each and every time the members of LSH meet it is guaranteed to be a good time for everyone.  Join us at our next event and share in the fun!

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