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The 2015 Holiday Academy Registration is NOW OPEN!


Each year, planning begins for the following Academy, with decisions made that directly impact each person who could potentially attend.  The total attendee experience is of the utmost importance to the Board of Directors and the planning committee of each Academy.  Those individuals give of their time freely to work together and ensure that each and every attendee comes away feeling as if they have learned something and that they have enjoyed their time at the Academy.  They make it look easy, but the fact is that the Academy is a huge undertaking, with logistical nightmares that inevitably happen along the way.  Every decision is made with one thought in mind: how will this impact the attendee experience?


The term academy represents the best in education; something higher than the basics and a place where special skills are taught.  That was exactly what we strive to achieve: to create the best education event that anyone in the holiday community could find.  We have had over 80 classes taught at the past Academy events, and we will continue to work hard on developing educational offerings that are informative, useful, and exciting.


There are many events throughout the year that cater to the members of Lone Star Holidays.  Very few, however, are able to provide the value that the Academy presents.  Some events range from $150 to $350 dollars (travel, meals, and accommodations not included) while others are available for $20 to $30 dollars (although those events are typically for one afternoon).  The Academy has never had an event that costs more than $70 per attendee, and that is for multiple days of education, a fantastic facility, and some great items for our people (keep reading for more information on the particulars of each of these). There are other event options for the holiday enthusiast, but none that make the financial sense of the Academy.


The selection of a facility is key to a successful event.  Each year the planners and Board of Directors begin discussing facilities over a year in advance, considering budgets, services offered, location, and size.  The Academy has been, and always will, provide multi-room education to allow maximum value for attendees.  In order to do that, the location is a critical element to providing a superior experience for you.

Attendee Items:

Custom pens, LSH lanyards, nametags (with the event logo, your name, and hometown on them) are just the beginning.  We provide folders for the stack of handouts you will receive during classes.  There is also an attendee book provided each year, with comments from the Board of Directors, a history of LSH, site-specific information, the full event schedule, a listing of each class (with room assignment, instructor, time/day), vendor advertisements (for attending vendors and those who could not attend in person- many contain discount information!), and finally note pages to use during your courses.  All of these items are included in your registration fee and give you just a few things to take home to remember the Academy!

In the end, all of the hard work and late nights make for a great event, one that the planners can be proud of, and that the attendees can remember for years to come.  We believe there is no other event like the Academy anywhere else, and we hope you can join us for our next one!

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