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There are some questions that have come up more often than others. To allow everyone to get the answers they are looking for, we created this FAQ page. If your question still is not answered, please feel free to go to the Contact Us page and send it to us.

There are a bunch of Christmas websites and forums on the internet. Why should I come to Lone Star Holidays?

First of all, one of the components of Lone Star Holidays is that we cater to holiday enthusiasts, not just Christmas enthusiasts. That being said, we fully acknowledge that there are many forums where you can discuss holiday related items. Our goal is not to be better than any other board or group, but to provide an environment that is fun, well-organized, and a little unique. If you are a member of another board, we welcome you. If Lone Star Holidays becomes your primary holiday home, we are happy about that as well.

Are you affiliated with any other Texas-based group?

Lone Star Holidays is its own entity, and is formed as a legitimate non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Texas. We are not a part of any other group, even if they are based in Texas. That being said, we are always looking for groups that would like to affiliate with us and represent a true love for the holidays (any holiday!). We offer forum space for public or private organizations that perhaps do not have the resources to set themselves up in the same manner. We do not place restrictions on those affiliates, and how they run their organization is completely up to them.

Your bylaws mention dues. You want me to PAY to be a member?

The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are required when you establish a non-profit, and it was (and continues to be) our intention to address issues proactively, instead of retroactively. To that end, we include some verbiage concerning dues. At this point we have no intention of requiring dues, but it is better to have that wording in place in case our Board of Directors sees a business need that will require increased company finances. The intent is to raise the capital necessary to run Lone Star Holidays through donations (which we can easily accept as a non-profit) and merchandise sales.

Speaking of the Board of Directors, how do you decide who gets to be on it?

Please visit the Board of Directors section, which is located on the Contacts page, for more information on our Board, how it is appointed/elected, and how long the terms are. There is also detailed information in our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

I do not like (INSERT NAME HERE) and I see that they are a part of Lone Star Holidays. Can you kick them off or ban them so I do not have to deal with them?

Every voting member of Lone Star Holidays has 1 vote in any election or proposition. No less, no more. So if there is an individual you do not care for, you can rest assured that they will not have any more clout than you will. As for personality conflicts, we are all adults here, and if you do not like someone, simply add them to your Ignore List on the forums. If you feel that someone is acting detrimentally to Lone Star Holidays, there is a process in place within the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to report their actions and allow for the Board to take an appropriate action. If you truly feel that you cannot get along with people within the group (due to previous encounters, arguments, or word of mouth) it would be best to simply not register and to find a different site to share your holiday decorating ideas on.

Why do I have to give my real name, date of birth, City and State when I register?

Lone Star Holidays first and foremost priority is building personal relationships, and it is difficult to do if someone is hiding behind a screen name or handle. The decision was made at inception that all User Names would be First AND Last Name. Your Date of Birth is required to protect us from minors joining the group without their parents permission. City and State are required fields because our legal documents filed with the State of Texas declare that we have Voting Members and Members. Voting Members reside within the State of Texas, and we need to be able to identify them.

You know I could just give you a fake name or say that I live in Texas when I really do not. What would you do about that?

Nothing. If someone is so inclined to take the time and create a fake account, or provide false information, then they must really want to be a part of things here. It is not the job of our administrators to play detective and try to figure out who is being truthful and who is lying about something, so they will not waste their time doing so.

I do not like the way Lone Star Holidays is set up.

That is perfectly ok.  You have two choices: First, do not sign up and move along. Second, join the group and work to promote changes to the organization. Bylaws can be modified, if the process is followed in an appropriate manner.

I have another question.

We’d love to hear them.  Feel free to email them to us using the Contact Us page.

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