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One of the elements that makes Lone Star Holidays unique is our very honest approach: this is a business.  Certainly our goal is not to make money at this, but to ignore the aspects of any group that require a business-like approach is, quite honestly, irresponsible to our members.  In order to allow Lone Star Holidays room to grow and evolve with the needs of our membership, Lone Star Holidays Inc was formed as a non-profit corporation in the state of Texas.

Below are documents related to our non-profit formation.  Please feel free to review them and learn more about how the organization was formed:

Articles of Incorportation and Company Bylaws

Incorportation Documents

Sales Tax and Use Permit

Franchise Tax Public Report 2010

Franchise Tax Public Report 2011

Franchise Tax Public Report 2012

Franchise Tax Public Report 2013

Franchise Tax Public Report 2014

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